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Miss Amphetamine
    Saturday May 26, 2012 11:30pm - 12:00am @ g. VIBETENT


    I am Miss Amphetamine. I'm not going to write this in 3rd person like all the other little DJs because I'm not trying to sound legit. I mean, look at me - this scantily clad twenty-something-year-old half-asian girl with her little Akai controller & Macbook, wants her name on everyone's lips but won't let you anywhere near because I'm afraid you'll mess up my lipstick. I'm seriously that girl that gets too drunk at the party, puts herself on a pedestal, and makes everyone else listen to her cryptic emotional bullshit stories.

    Except my pedestal is a stage, and each one of my bullshit stories comes with a tracklist & free download link on my mixcloud. So go listen, & go dance - it's a great way to cure any personality disorder, particularly mine.



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