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    Thursday May 24, 2012 3:00pm - 4:00pm @ d. CAMPFIRE


    Like a word on the tip of your tongue that doesn't even exist yet, Infantree manages to be so completely encompassing of all things music, yet so consistently themselves that you feel familiar with their music from the moment you hear it.

     Pitch perfect three part folk vocals, beautiful intricate guitar work, drums that have as much impact when they’re beating as when Avesar is holding back, and a constant rotation of instruments make up this playful yet extremely fine-tuned machine. Infantree’s members, now in their early twenties, were born and bred in Los Angeles and the influence their provenance has had on their music is clear. Southern California’s proximity to Central and South America and the cities rich Latino culture is heard in the guitar work of Alex Voidani whose proficiency in classical and flamenco guitar has a notable impact on the band’s sound. Add to that  Laurel Canyon era harmonies and a touch of 70’s rock and you get their driving, melodic and sometimes haunting signature sound.



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