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Gaelic Storm
    Friday May 25, 2012 1:45pm - 2:45pm @ b. SUNSHINE


    After a start playing monthly gigs for friends at Santa Monica’s O’Brien’s Tavern in 1995, the band’s popularity skyrocketed when it appeared in James Cameron’s Titanic as the Celtic party band in the ship’s steerage. Unlike so many other bands that were unable to sustain a career after receiving near-blinding initial exposure, Gaelic Storm has amassed a large, loyal and ever-growing following. After three studio albums on Virgin/EMI early on, the band has since flourished in an extreme DIY fashion by not only launching their own label, Lost Again Records, and releasing their albums themselves but also by designing all their own album art, posters and advertisements, and spearheading all their own merchandising, book-keeping and marketing. Gaelic Storm is a truly self-contained entity; an indie model for the new music industry that knows its identity and audience, and stays in close contact with its fans.


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