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Sun Stereo recreating The Beatles
    Sunday May 27, 2012 2:15am - 3:45am @ h. SOULSHINE

    Watch Sun Stereo turn into The Beatles for a special late night set


    Sun Stereo is 6-piece band from Urbana, Illinois who perform an eclectic range of original compositions featuring a hybridization of organic and electronic elements with beatles-esque vocal harmonies, dubstep style drops, and a funk-your-face-off horn section. Kelly McMorris (vocals, keys, music/lyrics) reunited with Jesse Greenlee (Drums/vocals) in 2010 after having previously played together in Synesthesia from 2000-2004. In the summer of 2011, Josh Houchin (Stand-up bass, vocals) and the Mono Moon Horn Band (Adrian Barnett, Lyndsay Gross, Kevin Bourassa) were added to the fray, and in the first 6 months they’ve quickly built a fierce following of loyal fans awaiting their first full-length album due out this spring.


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