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avatar for Cirrus Minor

Cirrus Minor

Cirrus Minor is an eclectic musical artistic endeavor, producing a unique brand of alternative rock unbound by stylistic restrictions. From funky dancable jams to face-melting, intense progressive rock, their music twists through numerous genres, much like an iPod on shuffle.

avatar for Dead Larry

Dead Larry

A delightful blend of psychedelic rock, dance and funk offers a look into the new generation of musicians and fans. Originally from Iowa City, IA the entire band relocated to Minneapolis, MN in Oct 2011. Dead Larry spreads a positive message to bring out a renewed feeling of passion and hope for anyone who listens.

avatar for Elemental Groove Theory

Elemental Groove Theory

Elemental Groove Theory is a dynamic 7 piece group that fuses together rock, funk, jam, and latin for a sound that is familiar, and a style that is completely unique. The members of EGT pride themselves on the collaborative creation of original music which bridges many styles and tastes.

avatar for Elephant Quiz

Elephant Quiz

Elephant Quiz is based out of Bloomington, Indiana and has been performing together since 2006. Having said to be still simultaniously searching for and creating a genre to accurately describe their sound, Elephant Quiz blends, molds, and presents a combination of musical techniques from each member's background.

avatar for IndigoSun


ndigoSun is an emerging psychedelic funktronica band from Chicago. Combining catchy melodies and talented instrumentalists with booty-moovin' beats, we create ecstatic dance music fueled by cosmic funk.

avatar for James and the Devil

James and the Devil

James & The Devil is your ALL-Original, RockyMtn grown, HiphopFiddle'n'Funk Rock band...Delivering powerful, melodic, high-energy driven shows in the Rocky Mountain region of the USA. Hailing from Denver, Colorado, J & The D perform their own brand of Rock & Roll, best described as Hip-Hop infused Mountain Rock with a Fiddler.

avatar for Lake Shore Vibe

Lake Shore Vibe

Hailing from Chicago, LSV get's its genuine sound from the north shores. Nothing is off limits, and attending one of our shows has been characterized like being taken on a magical ride through space and time. Original songwriting from a surplus of genre's and genius improvisational skills is what keeps the fans coming back for more. The bands intention is to expand consciousness through light, love, beauty, wisdom and most of all our music.

avatar for Midwest Hype

Midwest Hype

Midwest Hype defines urban garage jazz. Hip-hop flow, unforgettable vocal melodies, punching horn lines, immaculate jazz improvisation, dance floor mayhem, tight pocketed compositions, a spectrum of all colors, a refreshing youthful breath in today's digital world. A celebration and motivation to create a better life, make the day glow.

avatar for Sonic Sutra

Sonic Sutra

SONIC SUTRA, the talented quintet from Lawrence, KS, brings to the stage a big classic sound bursting with funky modern swagger, infecting the ears and feet of audiences across the Midwest. Bursting with creativity and passion, the band's live performances are driven by the heartfelt songs of guitarist/frontman Billy Wassung and exude a sense of freedom and enthusiasm flowing from the band members themselves.

avatar for Spread


The experimental sound of the four-piece powerhouse known as SPREAD has no boundaries. Formed at SIU Carbondale in 2008, the band has been creating energy-filled musical experiences ever since. SPREAD has made many appearances throughout the region, including the Summer Camp and Tall Tree Lake Music Festivals. Combining originally composed material with carefully selected covers and a mass of spontaneous improvisation, SPREAD hopes to deliver a unique and interactive engagement with its audience.

avatar for Wook


Madison, WI's Jam/electronic band, Wook has drawn on influences from all genres. A mix of jam, progressive rock, singer songwriter roots, and electronic instrumentation, the group creates a sound that is ever changing. This youthful approach to music is mirrored by the youthfulness of the band.

avatar for Zeta June

Zeta June

Zeta June is the collaborative effort of Porter Hand, Mitch Hruby, Ian Crawford and Cody Kuhens. The goal of Zeta June is to deliver music to the masses that people can relate to and enjoy. Being heavily influenced by so many great jam bands, Zeta June brings great musicianship through catchy melodies and an impressive sense of improvisation skills. Zeta June is sure to cause some commotion and turn some heads.

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