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ChiIL Mama

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Music, music, music! Theatre...art...travel, the environment. I'm a writer-photographer-potter-painter-actress-animal wrangler-general creatrix and Mama to two amazing kiddos. I'm passionate about blogging at ChiILMama.com, ChiILLiveShows.com, & ChiILTravelkids.com-where I document adventures in urban-odd ball-off the wall-alternative-eco-punk parenting.

Check out ChiIL Mama (2 ii's and 1 L as in Chi, IL) for weekly CD give aways (nationwide), introductions to cool new bands, and Chicago area ticket give aways. We have a photo filled blog with informative interviews, reviews, and live footage. We feature both 21+ and family productions.

ChiIL Mama
because life doesn't end with birth.........


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